About Me

Hello & Welcome!  I’m Christine Marie.

Listen🗣up, we all have a story 🙋 …..and most of all, we all have a “why”.

You see, I have always wanted to contribute something to my household income. Being a stay at home mom for years, which I was lucky to be able to do, I always felt like I wasn’t contributing enough. I wanted to do more…..explore more in this world. I wanted to own my own business, make my own hours⌚️, and not have to answer to anyone but myself.

One day, I was watching a makeup video💻. Tuned in again, watched again. This kept going on for a couple of weeks. I’m thinking to myself….”How can this stay at home mom that I’m watching put on makeup AND make money doing it?!” Inquiring minds🧐 want to know, and I did just that….INQUIRED!

I got my answers and decided that I was going to invest in the makeup and start my own business. What would be the worst thing that could happen? I didn’t like it and got “stuck” with all this gorgeous makeup?!

Let me tell you….Once I opened this box of makeup💄 goodness, I knew I had to start. I wanted to immediately play around with all the new makeup, just like a little girl would. Guess what? I did, and I was loving it! Then I started sharing all I knew about it, applying it online, and having people asking me where to get it. That whole “watching my first makeup video” snowballed into a business that I now own. Me, myself, and I. I don’t have to answer to a boss, I take time when I need or want to, and I can work from anywhere. If you have a phone📱 , you can do this ❗️  Not only did I love it, but I also went further in my education and became a certified MUA.

Moral of the story, TAKE THAT CHANCE. It can be done. If you love cosmetics and want to either purchase the makeup and just use it for yourself, OR you want to start your own business, let me know! I will be here to guide you evey step of the way. ❤